Of the "Final Solution".


"Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler were power hungry Dictators that did inhumane acts." Joram Diamant
In the early 1940s, the Nazis were still sticking to the fiction that the death camps created to exterminate the Jews were merely labor camps. Consequently, they were only demanding the deportation of male Jews for “labor” purposes. Slovakia, led by the Catholic priest, Josef Tiso, was one of the first countries to agree to the Nazis’ demands for deportation. However, Tiso was worried that the deportation of Jewish males would lead to poor Jewish women and children becoming dependent on the state for support. So, he brokered a deal in which Slovakia paid the Nazis for each Jew they deported, on the condition that they took whole families instead of just males.
Soon, the state was rounding up Jews and placing them in local internment camps. Joram, just six at the time, failed to grasp the severity of the situation. Upon arrival at the camp, he was excited about sleeping on the top bunk of one of the beds in the dormitory. Decades later, her reaction stuck with him. Her glare was so intense that it felt worse than being physically slapped. “Don’t you know what’s happening to us?” she asked.


Tensions rose within the family in the internment camp. Joram’s mother wanted to try to escape. Joram’s father’s parents had also been interned, and he felt obligated to stay with them. The day for deportation arrived. Trains pulled up to the camps. The guards began forcing Jews onboard. Joram was ill that day. He was running a high fever, and he was dizzy, delirious, and sweating heavily, as well as unable to walk straight. His mother showed him to a guard, who escorted them to the camp hospital. That day was the last time he ever saw his father.